I almost ended up in tears...

بسم الله والسلام على رسول الله

This is my view regarding: Defeated.

I felt sort of sad today as I declare to myself that I'm officially defeated...to somebody (or -ies, maybe). The reason is, lack of knowledge.

You see, when we want to counter-attack, we must make sure that it is perfectly planned so that the person we attacked can't find any flaw, which then can be used to attack us back.

I failed. Disgracely.

I guess now I just return to my life, pick my chips and leave the table winner...or at least a better loser, if not a winner at all...and maybe now is a perfect time to gain more knowledge and live a decent life.

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As said...

He knows best, as always :)

sumting which is not preferable..doesnt mean it is not the best

u know better than me

take care

Muslim4Life said...

You're right. He knows what I don't know, and certainly what is best for me.

Nah, I'm no better than you or anybody else...

I notice that this is the first time you leave a comment. Regardless, welcome!

izzahismail said...

there are always reasons for things that happened.

failure.at least you learnt something ;)

have a good holz :)

Muslim4Life said...

Thanks Izzah. You too, have a nice break.