Half-mad half-insane Maniac!

بسم الله والسلام على رسول الله

This is my view regarding: Semester Break.

I hate breaks. Especially the long ones. That's the time where i will be regarded (or rather, I regard myself) as a jobless person who's just being a burden to my family.

I hate semester breaks. No one wants to employ a student who'll be working for less than a month. (I dunno about my other friends, and that's just a loose observation of mine...together with a couple of failed interviews.)

I hate breaks.

The worst part, believe it or not, is when I have to part with my friends. And go back home, where I hardly speak. There's some day which I have been a complete mute (and thank God I'm not deaf.)

I envy my friends who are eager to go home. They must be having a lot of joy there.

As for me, Mahallah Talhah is my home...and I can't wait for this break to end.

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